Things to do

Things to do


Wildemann belongs to the seven former mining towns of the Upper Harz, whose origin is affiliated to mining. Since the Middle Ages mainly silver-containing ores have been exploited. The museum mine of "19-Lachter-Stollen" gives you a deep impression of mining in the past. 

Swimming bath                                                                                                               swimming pool in Wildemann next to Hotel Restaurant Spiegeltaler Eck

The "Spiegelbad" is open from June to September.


Offers around the year:

  • easter fire
  • Walpurgis with the dance into the May
  • the famous cattle walk on Pentecost
  • the bicycle rallye always in the end of August
  • guided walking tours
  • our barbecue evenings.


Trips through the Harz:

  • In the very next to the house there are lots of footpaths and loipes.
  • What about a sled party on our natural sled run?
  • Here are some special sights in the surrounding:
  • the imperial city Goslar
  • Clausthal-Zellerfeld with the wooden church and the market for artistic handcrafts
  • the cultural memorial "Oberharzer Wasserregal" with 60 lakes and streams
  • shipping on the Okertal-barrage
  • climb the Brocken by foot or by using the steam railway
  • Bad Grund: "HöhlenErlebnisZentrum", dripstone cave and clock museum
  • Lautenthal: mining museum and the Innerste-barrage
  • What about a visit to Zoo Hannover?
  • Or the western city "Pullman City"?
  • Hexentanzplatz Thale
  • and many more.

Single information and prospects as well as walking and car experience maps are available in our house.